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Welcome to Scrapbooking-Center!

There's just something about sitting down with pictures of my loved ones and creatively placing them in a book that my family and I will cherish. Scrapbooking is not just placing photos in a standard photo album. It is relaxing and truly enjoyable.

Scrapbooking is special because it is an expression of you. You have complete control over each entire page. You decide how to place your photos, what colors to use, what style and accents will compliment your photos, and you will write the story that you want everyone to know. Your scrapbook can be whatever you want it to be!

Do you want to know where to start? I offer several easy-to-follow guides and tips on subjects like: "What supplies do I need to get started?" and "How do I start my first page?" If you have questions about scrapbooking terms, then visit my FAQ page to get answers. It doesn't matter if you're just beginning, you'll be scrapbooking in no time at all!

Scrapbooking isn't only expressing yourself creatively, it's also capturing moments in time. You will be preserving memories for years to come in the pictures you choose. You may be unaware of the danger that your photos are in if they are held in those standard photo albums. Even now, they may be deteriorating, little by little. It's true that you probably won't find them all yellowed and brittle tomorrow, but your grandchildren might. Do you want more information on photo safety? Take the time to look around. It's worth it to me to properly preserve my photos because I want my family in generations to come to know me... if not in person then in my scrapbooks.

Are you fluent in scrabooking?

This site has a lot to offer you. You already understand that a well crafted scrapbook will hold the attention of its viewers. It will bring ancestors to life, tell stories of days past and be our link to your past, present and future. The stories you choose to tell will be the thread that weaves its way through time. Here you will find an abundance of exciting ideas, valuable tips and quality scrapbooking supplies.

As you design layouts and create emotion with lyrics, poems and quotes, you are creating a living, breathing storybook. You will easily capture memories and captivate your scrapbook's audiences. Your scrapbook will live and so will your memories.